God’s Calling – Are you running?

What is God calling you to do? Are you running from God’s calling?

Though unintentional, running (or hiding) from God seems to be something I find myself doing often. This makes me wonder if I have some deep-rooted fear, or lack of faith, that God is speaking to me. Why would God even want to use me anyway?

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I know I am not the only one that has these sorts of thoughts. But I also know that God has given us His Word, the Holy Bible, to encourage us in these matters. And when I pray and seek answers from His Word, my Lord comforts those discouraging thoughts that stop me from stepping out in faith to obey His calling.

God’s Calling

Sometimes, a specific personal call of God will only be for a day project. Other times, you will find that God’s calling you to a task for an extended amount of time. As I look back in prayer, I see that God’s current call on my life, writing, didn’t begin today. Nor did it begin last month. His call for me to write has begun many years ago. Some of those years I was being prepared for His call, therefore I wasn’t aware of the call or confused when certain projects ended.

Back in 2005, I was at a loss.

Several years earlier, I went from being a full-time working mom of two school-aged children to a full-time homeschool mom. When I became a believer in 2001, God called me to share the Gospel. The disobedience of not doing so began to weigh on me. Being at home educating the children all day did not leave much room in my schedule for speaking with strangers.

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But then, God reminded me of my previous interest in candle making. By this point, God provided enough knowledge and skills that I could start a business and that is exactly what we did. My family and I made some of the best hand poured, triple scented candles in our area. (Check out our old Myspace ad to the right.) We prayed over and labeled each scent with its own scripture. We sold them through retail, consignment, and wholesale. We even helped others make extra money by recruiting them to sell them for a commission.

Eventually, we sold more than just candles. It was a memorable time for my family and me. We have all learned some valuable skills and I was no longer at a loss for that season.

But it’s a new season again.

The seasons in life seem to always be changing. However, they all connect in some way or another. During my homeschool years, God began nudging me towards writing. At the time, it didn’t make sense because it was, once again, a new thing to me. Or was it?

Today is the day I step up and do what God has been nudging me to do. Looking back, I wonder if I have been running from His call to write. Nah, I choose to believe I was being prepared. I choose to put my faith, though it is the size of a mustard seed, in Him by trusting Him to work in and through me. I will step out armed with courage and write though there is fear that bombards me through my thoughts, for God is NOT the source of fear. Though there is always the chance that I won’t succeed according to my standard, or that I am mishearing God, I will proceed with diligence knowing He will succeed by working in me His desires as I step out in what I believe is obedience.

What is it that God’s calling you to do? Will you step out in faith and obey God today?

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