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Here I am! Is it too late? – What Took So Long?

Here I am, moving forward with my writing. But what took me so long? Why is this blog just starting to come alive?

Simply put… Doubts. Fears. Overthinking. Comparing myself to others and asking myself if I will measure up. Yep, that’s what honestly took me so long.

Nope! You are not alone in these kinds of thoughts. Most of us have them at some point or another. In fact, many published authors still struggle with these types of thoughts when it’s time to submit their manuscripts. But if we stay here in these thoughts too long, it could get pretty dark. So let me turn the light on.

You see, I had to find my place. Rather than comparing my voice to other blogs, trying to do what someone else was doing, and aiming for their goals, I had to take my time to seek God’s will for me and my blog. Sometimes, finding your place can take a while.

Have I found it? Eh! But God and I are working it out and it’s becoming clearer every day. And the long road to discovery has been a welcome journey of deep healing and revelation for me.

You see, dreaming and writing I can do. Writing about my life, spouting my opinions, and things like that are not my thing. I am more of a deep thinker than a teacher. My thoughts tend to be more internal and directed towards myself. So that is my aim with this blog. To share what’s on my mind to get people thinking. To share my thoughts and perspective with the hope of getting others to ponder with me. My dream is for us to connect and realize that we are not alone in this journey because we were created by God with a need for others.

Tea Time Inspirations- What took so long?
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So, now it’s your turn. Though we may not all be called to write or speak publicly, we are all called to share. What are you called to share? Who are you called to share with? How are you preparing to come out of your cocoon and spread your wings? Don’t worry. It’s NOT too late.

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