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Why Tea Time?

Tea time has been practiced throughout the ages. According to various online sources, afternoon tea began in the early 1800s when Anna Maria Stanhope, known as the Duchess of Bedford, became peckish around four after a skimpy noon meal. The practice continued with the working class as they came home for the daily grind. It was called high tea when tea was served at a standard-sized kitchen table. When enjoyed at a coffee table, or other type of low table, it was considered low tea. It wasn’t long before tea time became a social event that was enjoyed by different cultures around the world.

Like a tea time gathering in real-time, I offer others spiritual, emotional, and physical nourishment by loving others through transparency. It is my prayer that we can bridge the generational gaps by coming together and encouraging one another by sharing our experiences. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat. Join me as I share my journey and ponder life. Let’s encourage one another.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Tea Time with Wanda. Bridging the generational gap by loving others through transparency.